LAST SALON OF 2013-2014

WHEN :: Friday, April 4th, 4:30 – 6:30 pm


WHERE :: Anthropology Conference Room (AP 246), 19 Russell St, U of T.
WHO ::
Paul Nadasday (Cornell University)
Keiichi  Omura (Osaka University)

Discussants :: Mark Vardy (Queen’s University), Petra Hroch (University of Alberta)

Chair :: Emily Simmonds

::Full Salon Schedule Here::


This year’s Technoscience Salon invites participants to craft and share critical itineraries that respond to the political urgencies of lives and worlds altered by colonialism and expanding global capitalism.
Through critical itineraries, the Salon will bring postcolonial studies, indigenous studies, critical race studies, and feminist and queer studies to bear on the ways we follow and tell stories about technoscience.   We aspire to provoke interventions into our analytic, narrative, and political habits, to spark scholarship that is accountable to multiple histories and contemporary urgencies, and to rethink the relationships among diversely situated human and nonhuman actors. While recognizing how technoscience is deeply implicated in violence, how might we also attend to the non-hegemonic possibilities, alters, and elsewheres that are within technoscience?

Organizers: Michelle Murphy, Shiho Satsuka, and Sebastian Gil-Riaño.

Read our Opening Provocation on Critical Itineraries