Technoscience Salon

2016-17 Events

September 30th :: The Salon in High Park

This year’s Salon opens with a walk and conversation about plants, people, parks, and their futures hosted at the High Park Nature Centre.

Walk :: Jon Johnson (York University), a scholar of Indigenous Knowledge and urban Indigeneity who works at First Story, will lead a walk through the park, touring significant Indigenous sites.

Speakers :: Tamira Sawatzky and Elle Flanders (Public Studio), Jon Hayes (High Park Nature Centre), and Jon Johnson (York University)

Stirrers ::  Natasha Myers and Cate Sandilands (York University)

Location | Time :: To join in on the walks, meet at the High Park Nature Centre at 4:30pm; talks begin at the High Park Nature Centre at 5:45 pm

November 25th :: How the Industrial Present Disrupts the Future

Speakers :: Brenda Longfellow (York) and Peter Hobbs (York)

Stirrers ::  Jessica Caporusso and Emily Simmonds (York)

Location | Time :: Natalie Zemon Davis Conference Room, Sidney Smith 2098, 100 St. George St,  4-6pm.

January 13 :: Visualizing Decay

Speakers :: Selmin Kara (OCAD) and Natasha Myers (York University)

Stirrer ::  Patrick Keilty (University of Toronto)

Location | Time :: 4th Floor, Faculty of Information140 St. George Street at 4pm

April 7 :: Decomposing and Recomposing Plant/People Futures

Speakers :: Banu Subramaniam (UMass Amherst), Jo Simalaya Alcampo (Independent Artist) and Shiho Satsuka (University of Toronto)

Location | Time :: TBA