Technoscience Salon

Past Salons

The Salon is currently in its tenth season.  Follow the links to see events from past series.

2017-18 :: Refusal & Repair: Decolonial Feminist Technoscience Tactics (Organized by Michelle Murphy and Kristen Bos)

2016-17 :: (De)Composing Futures (Organized by Natasha Myers, Patrick Keilty, and Michelle Murphy)

2015-16 :: Unsettling Practices (Organized by Michelle Murphy, Natasha Myers,  Kelly Fritsch, and Martina Schlünder, Nehal El-Hadi)

2014-15 :: Activating Evidence (Organized by Natasha Myers and Metalab)

2013-14 :: Critical Itineraries (Organized by Michelle Murphy, Shiho Satsuka, and Sebastian Gil-Riaño.

2012-13 :: Ecologies (Organized by Michelle Murphy, Astrid Schrader, and Natasha Myers)

2011-12 :: Extensions (Organized by Michelle Murphy, Natasha Myers, and Sofie Afriat)

2010-11 :: Open Concept (Organized by Michelle Murphy, Natasha Myers, Emily Simmonds, and Sarah Tracy)

2008-09 & 2009-10 :: Mix and Stir (Organized by Edward Jones-Imhotep, Michelle Murphy, Natasha Myers & Sergio Sismondo)

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