Technoscience Salon

Past Salons

Launched in 2008, the Technoscience Salon has been active for over 10 years. We invite you to look through our past events and follow the many entangled paths that the Salon has taken us down. If you would like to join our mailing list, please write to

2019-20 :: Consent and Its Discontents (Organized by Michelle Murphy and Kristen Bos)

2018-19 :: Black Technoscience “Here” (Organized by Nicole Charles and OmiSoore Dryden)

2017-18 :: Refusal & Repair: Decolonial Feminist Technoscience Tactics (Organized by Michelle Murphy and Kristen Bos)

2016-17 :: (De)Composing Futures (Organized by Natasha Myers, Patrick Keilty, and Michelle Murphy)

2015-16 :: Unsettling Practices (Organized by Michelle Murphy, Natasha Myers,  Kelly Fritsch, and Martina Schlünder, Nehal El-Hadi)

2014-15 :: Activating Evidence (Organized by Natasha Myers and Metalab)

2013-14 :: Critical Itineraries (Organized by Michelle Murphy, Shiho Satsuka, and Sebastian Gil-Riaño.

2012-13 :: Ecologies (Organized by Michelle Murphy, Astrid Schrader, and Natasha Myers)

2011-12 :: Extensions (Organized by Michelle Murphy, Natasha Myers, and Sofie Afriat)

2010-11 :: Open Concept (Organized by Michelle Murphy, Natasha Myers, Emily Simmonds, and Sarah Tracy)

2008-09 & 2009-10 :: Mix and Stir (Organized by Edward Jones-Imhotep, Michelle Murphy, Natasha Myers & Sergio Sismondo)