Technoscience Salon

2008-2010 :: Mix & Stir

2008-10 Mix and Stir Format

For these two years the Salon was organized around a monthly theme with the following format:

  • Take two conceptual ingredients (X meets Y, such as Affect meets Capital or Matter meets Making) and invite two or three speakers to each drop in one provocation, quandary, object, or image through which they are wrestling with the keywords.
  • Ask each speaker to each serve their thoughts for 10 minutes of lively presentation (genre open, not a formal research overview so much as conceptual offering or provocation).
  • Have 1 or 2 people  stir vigorously to begin  group discussion
  • Enjoy results with food and drink

2009-10 Salons

September 10th, Thursday — EMBODIMENT MEETS ENACTMENT Rachel Prentice (Cornell University) and Lucia Dacome (U of Toronto) stirred by Lucy Suchman (Lancaster U) and Joan Steigerwald (York U).

October 19th, MondayMICROBES MEET EARTH Heather Paxson (MIT) and Stefan Helmreich (MIT),  stirred by Sarah Tracy ( U of Toronto) and Ken MacDonald ( U of Toronto)

November 25th, Wednesday — SPIRITS MEET EXPERIMENTS Sofie Lachapelle (Guelph),  Barbara Crow (York),  Mike Pettit (York), stirred by Michael House (U of Toronto)

January 28th , Thursday-PHOTOGRAPHY MEETS TECHNIQUE —Mike Robinson (daguerreotypist, Ryerson) and Robert Burley (photographer, Ryerson) and Martin Hand (Queen’s) stirred by Edward Jones-Imhotep (York)

February 25th, Thursday — Devices Meet Undoing Jim Ruxton (Subtle Technologies) and William Turkel (Western) stirred by Ana Viseu (York)

March 18th, Thursday –OPTICS MEET ACOUSTICSAngie Blake (Ryerson) and Brian Beaton (U of Toronto) and Jessica Caporusso (York), stirred by Jordan Bimm (York) and Natasha Myers (York).

2008-9 Salons

September 25th mix and stir — Affect Meets Capital Contributors include Sue Ruddick, Carla Hustak, Laurie Baker and Ken Little.

October 30th mix and stir — Matter Meets Making Contributors include Lucy Suchman, Ana Viseu, Matt Ratto, and Carlos Novas.

November 27th mix and stir —Geopolitics Meets Technopolitics. Contributors include Heather Barnick, Edward Jones-Imhotep, Deb Cowen, Matt Farish

January 29th, Thursday mix and stir — Art Meets Science. Contributors include Nell Tenhaaf, Joan Steigerwald, Caitlin Fisher, and Dolores and David Steinman.

February 25th, Wednesday, mix and stir — Reproduction Meets Production. Contributers include Jennifer Esmail (Rutgers) on telephones, Aryn Martin (York) on Gender Kits, Caroline Baillie (Queens) on Waste-for Life, Michelle Murphy (U of T) on Distributed Ontologies.

March 25th, Wednesday — mixing with guest — Drugs Meet Life. Joe Dumit (University of California, Davis) stirred by Paula Gardner (OCAD) and Sergio Sismondo (Queens)

2008-10 Salons Organized by: Edward Jones-Imhotep, Jun Luo, Natasha Myers, Michelle Murphy, and Sergio Sismondo

Sponsored by: the Ontario node of Situating Science: a SSHRC Cluster Grant for the Humanistic and Social Study of Science with help from the Coach House Institute.