Technoscience Salon

2011-12 :: Extensions


Where do phenomena end? Where do our theories about phenomena begin? This year’s Technoscience Salon explores the uncontainability of phenomena and the gaps, fissures and possibilities latent in contemporary accounts of extensive processes.

How are phenomena turned into objects and made extensive through space and time? At stake in our discussions is a range of extensive phenomena and processes that we can’t live without: our ecologies, economies, atmospheres, archives, metabolisms, genealogies, networks, algorithms, and distribution systems. We are interested in the architectures and temporalities of these extensive things and processes.

Our aim is to examine what is at stake in the work of extending things in the interdigitating realms of technoscience, art, economics, and politics. Simultaneously we want to hold our own praxis in focus, by examining the labours of historians, anthropologists, geographers and others who track the extension of objects into worlds and worlds into objects. How do our theories conceal extensive relations? What theoretical and methodological shifts can we employ to illuminate otherwise invisible distributions? What are our habits for tracking extensions, and what do our habits take for granted?

The 2011-12 Salon invites participants to query the ontological politics of extensive processes, and to think together anew about how our theories and methods participate in contouring some worlds, if not others.

The 2011-12 Technoscience Salon was organized by Sophie Afriat, Michelle Murphy, and Natasha Myers


Friday September 30, 4-6 p.m. :: ANIMAL ARCHIVES & ENCLOSURES

Irus Braverman (SUNY Buffalo): Timmy the Gorilla (1959-2011)

Scout Calvert (Wayne State University): Ruptured Genealogies: Extensions of Precision through Databases and Artificial Insemination

Discussant :: Leesa Fawcett (York University)

Friday October 21, 4-6 p.m. :: VIRTUAL MENAGERIES

Jody Berland (York University)

Discussants :: Shiho Satsuka (University of Toronto) and  Heather Barnick (York University)

Friday December 2, 4-6 p.m. :: EXTENDING SENSORIA

Orit Halpern (New School for Social Research): Paranoid Infrastructures: Psychosis, Rationality, and Measure in Cybernetics

Sha Xin Wei (Concordia University): “Vaster than empires and more slow”: Gesture and Movement in Vegetal Time

Discussants :: Kelly Ladd (York University) and Michael Longford (York University)

Friday February 10, 4-6 p.m. :: CARTOGRAPHY

Katey Anderson (York University): Spaces, Fences, Beads on a String: metaphors of global knowledge

Tina Choi (York University): Popular Maps and Forms of Spatial Literacy in Victorian Britain

Friday March 9, 4-6 p.m. :: TOPOLOGY

Celia Lury (University of Warwick) Inventive Methods: Moving Knowledge

discussant :: Sha Xin Wei (Concordia University)

Monday March 19, 4-6 p.m. :: MILIEU

Hannah Landecker (UCLA): Metabolism and Milieu: Eating as Inter-Kingdom Communication

In conversation with artists: Jack Butler, Heidi McKenzie, Nadine Valcin, and Jennifer Willet of the Immortal Body Project.

Note New Location for MILIEU: Centre for Social Innovation (CSI), 215 Spadina Ave, Rm 120

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