Technoscience Salon

2020-21 :: Gathering Online

The Technoscience Salon is an open platform for entangling intellectual and political questions about technoscience while remixing the disciplines composing STS. We are bringing thicker and more relational forms, methods and approaches to collaboration and co-creation into the field of technoscience research – ones that stem out of feminist activism; queer and trans liberation; Indigenous and Two Spirit world-building; mad pride and disability justice; and migrant networks and grassroots organizing. We invite you to join us for this year’s Salon that takes up these questions as they relate to the surge in digital gathering during the COVID-19 pandemic.TRU Gathering Online - Cover Image with Right BorderThe magic of Zoom calls and Skype meetings are created by a global digital technologies industry that is entangled in the history and presence of slavery, colonialism, global mining, financial speculation, and other techniques of the corporation. How do we locate ourselves in the worlds of plasma screens, wires and binary code? Moving beyond individualized and neoliberal concerns of censorship, privacy and data security that often shape public discussions about the politics and ethics of digital gathering, we want to contend with the way that Big Tech assembles itself in everyday practice. How are Big Tech and infrastructures appropriating and manipulating lands and bodies in order to produce open and fair digital paradises for networking and play? What are our complicities? This year’s Salon builds on critical approaches to media ecology/archaeology, digital labour, and decolonization to not only track the corporate, privatized forces that are fabricating digital worlds through neocolonial expansion, but to imagine and practice alternatives as we partake responsibly in those movements that are building other worlds within these zones of extraction.

We invite you to read more about this year’s Salon, attend our upcoming events and join our working group. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the rush towards digital gathering, engagement, and output across all disciplines and sectors, “Gathering Online” will bring together faculty, graduate students, and community researchers to:

  • Research the economies of extraction and investment that we entangle ourselves within by relying on various digital practices of collaboration;
  • Gather information about alternative methods and forms of collaboration;
  • Experiment with new approaches to distanced and virtual collaboration through our upcoming activities; and
  • Partake responsibly in decolonial world-building practices around the globe that honour the inseparability of lands and bodies.

This salon series has been co-organized by Vanbasten de Araujo, Kristen Bos, Sophie Jaworski, Lindsay LeBlanc, Michelle Murphy, Sajdeep Soomal, and Dawn Walker.

Past Salons

Launched in 2008, the Technoscience Salon has been active for over 10 years. We invite you to look through our past events and follow the many entangled paths that the Salon has taken us down. 

2020-21 :: Gathering Online (Organized by Vanbasten de Araujo, Sophie Jaworski, Lindsay LeBlanc, Sajdeep Soomal, and Dawn Walker, with support by Kristen Bos and Michelle Murphy)

2019-20 :: Consent and Its Discontents (Organized by Michelle Murphy and Kristen Bos)

2018-19 :: Black Technoscience “Here” (Organized by Nicole Charles, OmiSoore Dryden, Kristen Bos, and Michelle Murphy)

2017-18 :: Refusal & Repair: Decolonial Feminist Technoscience Tactics (Organized by Michelle Murphy and Kristen Bos)

2016-17 :: (De)Composing Futures (Organized by Natasha Myers, Patrick Keilty, and Michelle Murphy)

2015-16 :: Unsettling Practices (Organized by Michelle Murphy, Natasha Myers, Kelly Fritsch, Martina Schlünder, and Nehal El-Hadi)

2014-15 :: Activating Evidence (Organized by Natasha Myers and Metalab)

2013-14 :: Critical Itineraries (Organized by Michelle Murphy, Shiho Satsuka, and Sebastian Gil-Riaño)

2012-13 :: Ecologies (Organized by Michelle Murphy, Astrid Schrader, and Natasha Myers)

2011-12 :: Extensions (Organized by Michelle Murphy, Natasha Myers, and Sofie Afriat)

2010-11 :: Open Concept (Organized by Michelle Murphy, Natasha Myers, Emily Simmonds, and Sarah Tracy)

2008-09 :: Mix and Stir (Organized by Edward Jones-Imhotep, Michelle Murphy, Natasha Myers & Sergio Sismondo)