Technoscience Salon

2015-16 :: Unsettling Practices

cropped-nasa-lake-erie-e1439320804363-nm1.jpgJoin us for the next Technoscience Salon

April 29 :: Crip Technoscience: Unsettling Access 

At the intersection of bodies, places, and technologies, this salon asks how can we “crip” feminist technoscience so as to highlight the many ways disability shapes our practices? Taking up universal design, accessibility audits, and access mapping projects as starting points, Aimi Hamraie and Barbara Gibson invite us to creatively explore how crip technoscience engages a multiplicity of bodily forms and modes of mobility, unsettling our ways of making and knowing access.

Speakers :: Aimi Hamraie (Medicine, Health & Society, Vanderbilt University) & Barbara Gibson (Department of Physical Therapy, University of Toronto)

Stirrers :: Kelly Fritsch (Women & Gender Studies, University of Toronto) & Tanya Titchkosky (OISE, University of Toronto)

Location | Time  :: Studio 106, Artscape Youngplace, 4-6 p.m




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