Technoscience Salon

Compositions and Decompositions of an Oak Savannah, Images by Ayelen Liberona

2016-17 :: (De)Composing Futures

Join us for the next Technoscience Salon on Nov. 25th.

How the Industrial Present Disrupts the Future

Is it possible to disrupt assumptions about the inevitability of some futures and the impossibility of others?   This Salon gathers together visual, media, and narrative practices by scholars and artists whose work disrupts the futures projected by industrialized energy infrastructures and their emissions  Together we will discuss strategies and tactics for storytelling that interrupt the ways bodies and landscapes are enmeshed in energy, waste and toxic exposures.

Each of our 2016-17 events gathers together makers and thinkers to question the practices, infrastructures and imaginaries composing and disrupting possible futures. Read our full  provocation here.

Speakers ::

Brenda Longfellow (York) and collaborators Glenn Richards and Helios Design Labs offer a interactive cinematic vision – Offshore – of what happens when need and greed push the oil industry past a level of competence into a new world inhabited by questions we might not want the answers to.

Peter Hobbs (York) draws from his comic book manifesto to explore intimate relations and public feeling forged with ambient toxins.

Stirrers ::  Jessica Caporusso and Emily Simmonds (York)

Location | Time :: Natalie Zemon Davis Conference Room, Sidney Smith 2098, 100 St. George St |  4-6pm.