2015-16 :: Unsettling Practices

Opening Event :: September 25th :: Book Launch Party

Nature in translation rendering life molecular

This year’s Salon opens with a book launch party in honor of Natasha Myers’s Rendering Life Molecular and Shiho Satsuka’s Nature in Translationboth with Duke University Press.

Join us to celebrate the publications of these two excellent books and to think together about the practices of “rendering” and “translation.”

Reflections by ::  Melissa Graham-Atkinson, Alejandro Paz, Michelle Murphy, Natasha Myers, Shiho Satsuka and more.

Location | Time :: Lounge, Artscape Youngplace, 4-7pm

Sponsors :: Departments of Anthropology at York and U of T

2015-16 Salon Theme :: Unsettling Practices

This year’s Technoscience Salon convenes around the theme of unsettling practices. Practices are more than pragmatic protocols – they are ways of composing and cutting relations, of recognizing and denying responsibilities, and of opening and foreclosing potentials. This year’s salon invites the critical cultivation of skills that can disturb, stir up, and set into motion the sedimented relations that make up what and how we know and do.  How might practices be unsettled? How do practices make trouble?  Read the full provocation here