Technoscience Salon

Compositions and Decompositions of an Oak Savannah, Images by Ayelen Liberona

2016-17 :: (De)Composing Futures

Join us for the next Technoscience Salon on January 13

Visualizing Decay

Extinction, synthetic ecologies, ruin porn, unruly plants, growth, decay…. Images of uncontrollable plant growth taking over abandoned human sites, such as buildings in Detroit and the exclusion zone of Chernobyl, are symptomatic of the ways people furtively dream of the end-of-times as a “world without people.” Moving beyond the myth of a struggle between humans and nature, or a longing for the end of humanity, this salon examines imaginaries in cinema and plants-based art projects. Together we will discuss cinematic evocations of artificial biospheres and experiments with plants’ propensity for growth and decay as ways to conjure livable futures for plants and people.

Each of our 2016-17 events gathers together makers and thinkers to question the practices, infrastructures and imaginaries composing and disrupting possible futures. Read our full  provocation here.


Speakers :: Selmin Kara (OCAD) and Natasha Myers (York University)

Stirrer ::  Kira Turner (York University) and Patrick Keilty (University of Toronto)

Location | Time :: 4th Floor, Faculty of Information140 St. George Street | 4-6pm