2015-16 :: Unsettling Practices

This year’s Technoscience Salon convenes around the theme of unsettling practices. Practice is a site where inquiry and technique, ontics and epistemics, experimentation and formalization, and creativity and repetition converge. This year’s salon invites the critical cultivation of skills that can disturb, stir up, and set into motion the sedimented relations that make up what and how we know and do.  How might practices be unsettled? How might practices make trouble? Practices are more than pragmatic protocols – they are ways of composing relations, of recognizing responsibilities, and of opening and foreclosing potentials. By inviting participants to unsettle practices, the Salon aspires to foster futures that might creatively subvert the knotted histories of dispossession and privilege that shape ways of making, knowing, and relating.  What histories accrete in and animate habitual practices? How might practices address their  entanglements in current and historical structural violence of settler colonialism, imperialism, racism, geopolitics, and capitalism.  The aspiration to  reimagine, remix, innovate, hack, reorient, and transform practices is shared by scientists, writers, designers, activists, students and artists alike. Underscoring the performative engagement of technoscience, the task of unsettling practices holds together efforts to critically challenge dominant techniques with the project of creatively recomposing ways of making and knowing. Unsettling practices invites the troubling of practices so that they might be acknowledged and remade in better, less violent, more livable ways.

Throughout the year, we will be inviting participants to bring and share a practice that they aspire to unsettle, either as part of their own work or as a research or political concern.  Read the full provocation here