Technoscience Salon

2015-16 :: Unsettling Practices


Join us for the next Technoscience Salon

Thursday, January 21 :: Making Love and Relations Beyond Settler Sexuality

Settler colonialism and heteronormativity are built into science and its institutions.  Join us to explore theoretical interventions that might think through the entangled politics of ethical non-monogamy, nurturing extended family and tribal kin formations, and critiques of marriage as integral to the settler colonial project. At the meeting points of technoscience studies and indigenous studies, we will discuss kin making as practices that have the potential to unsettle relations to the environment, politics, and science.

Speaker ::   Kim Tallbear (Native Studies, U of Alberta)

Stirrers ::        Emily Simmonds (STS, York) &  Michelle Murphy (WGSI & History, U of T)

Chair ::            Sandra Widmer (Anthropology, York)

Location | Time  ::  Studio 109, Artscape Youngplace,  4-6, p.m.



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